my parents don’t understand me, am i korean? they can’t see me on this mic, because they’re european, mic check one-two, i’m emceeing, i’m a twelfth-dimensional sentient being, who invented peeing, i’m sleeping with a popular talk show host, i like nachos and toast, hahaha, I’m a ghost!

Roll the bud in the swisher, I got a bad bitch, I don’t even miss her. Put a nigga in box, like avatar on tinder. Fuck wit me, I got battle scars my nigga. Soo many stripes, the hood the call me tigger. And I always got the heater on like it winter My goons ride or die, but they only die for a winner. So many niggas dead n gone, looks like a list for hitta. Who gettin paid, gettin fist’s full of scrilla,

Why these nights hatin on me is it cause my ride?,

Or maybe it’s because your main bitch she let me slide?,

Or maybe it’s because my money stackin to the sky,

choppin up that yola twist that loud I’m down to fly,

Jealousy is envious I can see it in their eyes,

All these bum ass niggas are the only hoes that I despise,

Steady lookin up cause the know I’m about to rise,

I can confess, I had non reversible stress as it started at my feet and builded up to my chest, thinking back to the years when my eyes were full of tears, wanting to proceed but I could not indeed cause I was just a teen who couldn’t read just wanting to grow weed as I thought I was in leed but blinded to the fact I was drowning in greed and not growing up like a seed and wishing I could seal the deed and go back just to plead.

Uh,Here We Go Again,Prepare To meet your end.just looked you up on facebook,you have zero friends.This Kids a loser yo’ he ain’t even kissed a girl.You write her love letters,I buy her ice and pearls.¬†You the boat with out the pattle duck with out the waddle you the horse with out the sattle.The ranch with out the cattle. The date with out the shuttle. So I think you should skadattle quit gravel sianara punk or even derchanant what language do I have to say it in for you to hear me clearly audios amigo your over with fanitto this clown couldn’t rap anything with my burrito.

Im a hammer your a nail
Im a boat your a sail
I’m romeo you’re Juliet
Im a web your a silhouette
Me hand you shake
Me food you plate
Whenever you got problems
Come to me and I’ll solve them
People who got too much hate
Should take some time to appreciate
This rap right here it’s called art
It gots rap rythym meaning
Every part.